Buy the latest Ken Block RC cars – 2015 & 2016 models – use them for gymkhana, drift or rally

  1. 2016 – HPI RS4 Sport 3 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn Ken Block RTR for sale – HPI part number: 115990
    Not available yet, coming soon
  2. 2015 – HPI Racing WR8 Flux Ken Block Intergalactic Ford Fiesta ST RX43 RTR (2015) for sale – HPI part number: 115383
    Click here to buy(link coming soon)
  3. 2015 – HPI WR8 3.0 Nitro Ken Block Intergalactic Ford Fiesta ST RX43 RTR (2015) for sale – HPI part number: 115458
    Click here to buy(link coming soon)
  4. 2015 – HPI Micro RS4 Ken Block Intergalactic Ford Fiesta ST RX43 RTR (2015) for sale – HPI part number: 115387
    Click here to buy(link coming soon)

These cars above are the best Ken Block Rc Cars for sale on the whole worldwide market currently, but if you are looking for the older versions (previous years: 2013 and 2014) of the HPI Ken Block remote control cars, just check out my previous “Year 2013 & 2014 HPI Ken Block Electric and Nitro RC models” post.

If you are looking for the year 2011 Traxxas Ken Block Gymkhana RC Car and parts or accessories for that, then check out my 4 oldest post that’s how I started this whole site…

If you are looking for the cheapest Ken Block drift car, then probably the Hot Wheels Ken Block Gymkhana RC Rally Car is for you. Check out one of my previous post by clicking here to jump to that Hot Wheels RC Ken Block Gymkhana RC Rally Car.


Year 2013 & 2014 HPI Ken Block Electric and Nitro RC models

  1. 2013 – HPI Ken Block WR8 3.0 2014 GRC Ford Fiesta 1/8 RTR Nitro Rally Car w/2.4GHz Radio – Part Number: HPI 112868 – this is a detailed replica of Ken Block’s Global RallyCross Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V.
  2. 2013 – HPI Ken Block WR8 Flux 2013 GRC Ford Fiesta 1/8 RTR Electric Rally Car w/2.4GHz – Part Number: HPI 112715 – WR8 RTR WITH 2013 KB MONSTER FIESTA BODY This part is discontinued at HPI UK
  3. 2013 – #111224 – Ken Block 2013 GRC Micro RS4 Electric
  4. 2014 – HPI 114187 Ken Block 2014 Ford Fiesta ST RX43 WR8 3.0 NITRO 1:8
  5. 2014 – HPI Ken Block 2014 Ford Fiesta ST RX43 WR8 FLUX Electric – Product Code: 114183
  6. 2014 – HPI Micro RS4 RTR Ken Block 2014 Gymkhana GRI Electric – Product Code: 114192

Hot Wheels Ken Block Gymkhana RC Rally Car For Sale

Looking for a Hot Wheels Ken Block Gymkhana RC Rally Car for sale?
Look no further, click here to buy from:


2011 Traxxas Ken Block Gymkhana RC Car For Sale


The prices you find here were accurate on the 3rd of march 2011, but using the links to the sites below you should always be able to find one for around $300.

To find a Ken Block RC Car For Sale in the shops below, I recommend you to use the search keyword: “Ken Block 16″ or “Ken Block Fiesta” in their search box. It worked for me on all the sites. (NOTE: The following keywords are not reliable “ken block ford” or “ken block RC”, I don’t know why.)

In the US there is Ken Block RC Car For Sale on from $279.95 to $359.99, or I’ve seen it on ”buy it now” price from $289.99  up to crazy $523.99 . On both sites some of the sellers do free shipping within the US, and most of them offer  shipping internationally for extra cost.

If you are in the UK, you can try (BUT I haven’t seen any there when I’ve checked) or I’ve seen ‘buy it now’ price on Ebay UK from  £269.00 to £294.99 and some offer free shipping within UK, some not. Some deliver overseas, some don’t. When I type this,  269.00 GBP = 437.744 USD, so I’d rather wait a few extra days to get it, and I’d buy it from the US as detailed in the paragraph above, or CLICK HERE to go to that shop where it sells from $279.95, and pay extra shipping around $40.00-$50.00 (BUT for example one US company declares this: “Customers with shipping addresses outside of the U.S.A. are responsible for all duties, import taxes and brokerage fees. These are *not* included in the cost of shipping or handling of your order. Customs, duties, and taxes vary widely from country to country; please check with your local customs agency for details on estimated costs.”)

If you are somewhere else (neither US nor UK), my first idea would be to check it on, since I’ve seen itavailable there with sellers shipping worldwide. If you have Ebay in your country, check that first, might be cheaper, but not necessarily, since these RC cars come from the US anyway(?or r they manufactured elsewhere?), and I think the fewer hands they pass through, the cheaper they are gonna be.

If you know another store where you can get it cheaper, can order online and you can get it delivered to your door, please let me know via email, and I will list it on this website.

I apologise if you were expecting more comparisons, but I’ve checked more than 20 other websites too, all of them were more expensive, and you will find 1 to ~20 different businesses on Amazon and Ebay anyway. I picked the cheapest in the first line of this post, but it might change time to time, sometimes some of them might run out of stock, some might change business plan(price), whatever, but by checking only the above two sites u can always see which company offers it at what price, and the selection should always be quite broad. Honestly I don’t think you can find much cheaper other than the cheapest on the above two huge sites, but price might not be your priority. To support your local community and businesses, check the websites of hobby shops you know around you, or go and visit their stores.

CLICK HERE to go to Amazon. Price usually: $279.95-$359.99

CLICK HERE to go to eBay. Price usually: $289.99-$523.99


How To Get The Upgrade Kit

Well, first of all, what to get and what do I mean upgrade pack?

I mean what do you need to make your Ken Block RC car capable of 50+ Mph?!

You need to buy one more (6 cell) battery ( Traxxas Power Series for 1/16 cars, 7,2 Volt NiMH – TRX-2925), and a series connector (TRX-3063).

It doubles your voltage, so increases your speed. Important when you do this, you need to change to the bigger pinion (which is included in the original pack), otherwise you might fry your ESC, in 5 minutes…

If you get the parallel connector that will double your running time/mileage which won’t give you more speed, only run time. (Runtime is said to be around 20 mins with the standard single pack..)

So where can you get it?

Get it from Traxxas from the ‘BuyTraxxas’ website. Just enter the part number into the search box, the number only: 2925 or 3063 , and you can buy them online right away. Click here to go to the ‘BuyTraxxas’ website.   (When I last checked it, the battery was out of stock, and was priced  $24.50 . Unbelievable, everyone wants the fastest Ken Block gymkhana car   )

To get it from put this in the search box: “traxxas 3063″ or “traxxas 2925″. When I checked there were plenty of them for sale, and I really don’t understand how, but they seem to be cheaper on Ebay than on the Traxxas website. Click here to check the battery on Ebay costing from $15.99 to $18.99 

Click here to buy from Amazon. Battery price: $17.99 Series connector price: $6.07

(Whatever parts u wanna buy for your RC model car, keep in mind it might be worth to check the prices on more than one website.)

What if you want a Lithium-Polimer pack, which one? Well, I’ve found this in some youtube comments:

question: “Mike, which lipos did you get for the car. Just got my Fiesta yesterday and am keen to get some lipo action. Cheers, Matt”

answer: “Thunder Power 1350mAh 3s 11.V Pro Power 30C/60C burst – they fit and work great – seem to be very rugged for a soft pack – we use them in the 1/16 e revo and slash for bashing!”

I think there might be a few other solutions too, I don’t know all the versions tho

Traxxas says that the car is fully LiPo compatible with low-voltage detection for 2s and 3s packs, and rated for 6-12 NiMH cells.

More comments to this subject: “low voltage cutoff, is used to protect lipo battery voltage from dropping too low and damaging the pack. The mini VXL system has LVC for two cell and three cell lipos, but not four cell (which would be dual two cell packs running in series). Therefore, you must be cautious driving with the insane power of dual two cell lipos as the packs could be damaged… and the ESC gets hot during 4s driving. Check the Rally home page on the Traxxas site for ESC specs.”


Used Ken Block RC Car For Sale

Hi There,

I haven’t seen many for sale in a used condition yet! I’ve seen some ads in forums or other guy’s websites, but most of them were sold very quickly, so the best thing you can do is just google ‘used Ken Block RC Car for sale’, and check all the results – not just on the first page, but until you get tired . I would check the first 150 results (=first 15 search result pages)  if I really wanna find a used one, and do it once a week while my patience lasts

The biggest numbers of used Ken Block RC-s were on good old while I was doing my research (looking for a new one ). Usually they are under bidding, so prepare to do that if you want a used one. I think if you follow what I suggested in the previous paragraph, you’ll come across the Ebay results anyway..

If you really like Subarus as I do, you may struggle to resist the nice old Tamiya Ken Block Subarus…


Ken Block model car review

Ok, so this is not a real review by me of the Ken Block model car, that would be too biased. I know there are better RCs for this and that, but this is what I wanted, and others are just different ones. (Same reason I drive WRX as a real car.., I know there are better cars in many aspects, but I “need” its sound note. Get what ur heart says, and u ‘ll be happy.)

So this post is a “summary review” of all the reviews and comments I’ve found and read online about the Traxxas Block Gymkhana. This is what people are saying:


  • very good out of the box acceleration
  • very good out of the box top speed (brushless heaven, 30+ Mph )
  • does donuts as crazy
  • provides heaps of fun
  • when ur bored with the things above, you can easily upgrade it to “All Out” 50+ Mph
  • sealed differentials and sealed electronics are good against dust, dirt and water (not a submarine, just ok on wet tarmac )
  • very durable
  • image and style of the latest Ken Block car, the Ford Fiesta Gymkhana car, a “true” Ken Block RC Car body
  • the manufacturer Traxxas has good customer service, and this model is based on an earlier model, so spare parts should be easy to get if needed (You can try to get spare parts here, or on the website or on


for some people it is not so easy to do long continuous drifts at the beginning, you need practice and might need to change the settings, experiment on different surfaces/tires, experiment with changing the weight distribution by placing small weights here and there on the car. To read more about this go to my How to Setup your Ken Block Gymkhana practice car for Better Handling page.
More in general (some people think these are negatives, but actually depending on viewpoint, can be positives as well):

  • it’s not an off road car
  • it’s an on road car, but not a proper tarmac touring car
  • it’s not a rear wheel drive proper drift car
  • it’s a gymkhana car

My opinion is not to expect it to be what it isn’t. Good old Ken also wouldn’t and couldn’t enter any off road, touring car, rally race with his gymkhana Fiesta. (I m not sure about drift races, there are different regulations from race to race, but the ones I’ve been to so far, said that drift race is only for rear wheel drive cars…)

Anyway, because I’ve seen all the Ken Block videos many times, and I’ve found out that there is a quite good RC car version of his new Ford Fiesta gymkhana practice rocket, my subconscious mind instantly decided that I’d like to have one of them.

I knew I’d like it even just looking at it on my shelf or desk, it ‘d motivate me in whatever I need to do, and I also saw myself doing better tricks with it than good old Ken, because I practice more haha.

What others feel:

  • “i would never get this short wheel-base pussy car, worth nothin”
  • “not good for off-road, isn’t it a rally car?”
  • “this car is a beast”
  • “just got mine today servos are really strong”
  • “just got mine today i love it”
  • “Driving this car is just a blast.”
  • “this is one mean little toy:)”